Not an Exaggeration

Monday, June 20, 2005

Not an Exaggeration

In search of today's weather forcast, this morning on CNN I happened to catch a top-of-the-hour introduction of today's top stories that went exactly like this:

1. The missing Alabama girl in Aruba, including a minor update to the case, an interview with a relative, all-in-all lasting a minute or two.

2. John Bolton, brief mention that his hearing might be coming up soon or that he could be a recess appointment.

3. Increased violence in Iraq over the weekend, terse coverage, quickie footage clips, something about several suicide bombers, but apparently this wasn't as newsworthy as the following segement...

4. How to improve the reception on your cell phone, they even had an "expert" in the studio to analyze how to improve your service. The dippy anchorwoman even said that no matter how many towers are built, that reception "still stinks." This segement lasted several minutes, longer than any of the previous stories.

I have news for you, CNN, since you clearly don't have any for me-- you are the ones that seriously stink. It seems elementary that at 8 am in the morning that you should be strictly realnews. What the hell is up with putting the missing-in-Aruba girl-- which is NOT a national news story, BTW-- before an update about the war we're in? Couldn't you at least save the fluffy, filler anti-news material for later in the day?

Does anyone who works at CNN actually have a degree in journalism? Is there such thing as a major in journalism with a minor in sensationalistic schlock? Perhaps somebody should sue you for false advertising because it's truly insane that you have the right to call yourselves a news channel.

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