Is This a F***ing Joke?

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is This a F***ing Joke?

From the Christian Post
The humanitarian crisis enveloping the people of Darfur, Sudan, has prompted members of Congress to introduce legislation calling on America to pray for an end to genocide and bring about lasting peace.

The legislation supports the goals and ideals of the National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection for Darfur, Sudan, an initiative organized by the Save Darfur Coalition. The scheduled days of prayer will be from July 15 to 17.

The submitted House of Representatives statement declares:

"Whereas it is appropriate … be it resolved that the House of Representatives encourages the people of the United States to observe that weekend by praying for an end to the genocide and crimes against humanity and for lasting peace in Darfur, Sudan”

Senate Resolution 172 was introduced on June 16 and House Resolution 333 was introduced on June 20. The legislation was referred to committees within each congressional chamber.
I respect what Save Darfur is trying to do here, but the idea that Congress is going to vote on a resolution calling on the American people to pray for an end to the genocide is - without a doubt - the most revoltingly pathetic thing I have ever heard of in my life.

If members of Congress actually cared about Darfur, they would do something about it. But instead, they are simply going to call on Americans to pray and hope that, somehow, God will solve the problem.

Absolutely fucking pathetic.

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