Duncan Hunter (R-Idiot)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Duncan Hunter (R-Idiot)

For some reason, this cracks me up
The inmates in Guantanamo have never eaten better, they've never been treated better ... the idea that we are somehow torturing people in Guantanamo is absolutely not true, unless you consider eating chicken three days a week is torture," House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., said during a press conference Monday, handing out copies of inmate menus - which feature meals such as lemon chicken - to reporters.


"They are being treated well and yet the story is being given that somehow they're being abused," Hunter said, noting that eating MREs [meals ready-to-eat] that U.S. troops eat several times a day in the field are considered "harsh techniques" at Guantanamo.
I realize that Hunter was trying to refute allegations of harsh treatment at Guantanamo, but doing so by admitting that you are feeding terrorists better than you are your soldiers probably isn't the best way to do so.

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