Do the Log Cabin Republicans Know About <a href="">This</a>?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Do the Log Cabin Republicans Know About This?

I've never been comfortable with the concept of outing people. Anyway, I'm not gay, so who cares what I think? (Of course, that what I'd say if I were closeted.) But considering the drip-drip of social conservative GOP politicians who have stumbled out of the closet lately, I'd think that the Log Cabin folks could get the powers that be in the party to start paying them some attention if they made this threat:

MADRID (Reuters) - Gays in Spain's main opposition party could reveal the names of homosexuals in its ranks unless the party backs down from its opposition to gay marriage.

Parliament in April approved a Socialist government initiative legalising gay marriage over the opposition of the right-of-centre opposition Popular Party (PP) and the Roman Catholic Church.

The PP and the Church are backing a street protest against gay marriage called for Madrid by a group promoting the traditional family, but the party's Gay Platform wants the PP to reverse its support for the demonstration.

Gay members of the PP who continue to oppose gay marriage run the risk of being "outed" -- or forced out the closet -- by the party's Gay Platform, the platform's president told state radio on Tuesday.

"We are willing to say, you, so-and-so, are a hypocrite ... because you are voting to impede a law that we believe is just and will mean more democracy, more equality, more tolerance and more greatness for the Kingdom of Spain," Carlos Biendicho said.

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