Comment Blogging on "Assholes"

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Comment Blogging on "Assholes"

Yesterday, I linked to this Carpetbagger post on members of Congress giving themselves raises every year.

In the comments to that post, (P)rick asked a good question
Exactly how much has the congressional salary INCREASED since the last time the minimum wage was raised.
Terry of Thinking Rocks kindly tracked down the answer for us
Congressional salary, 1996 (the last time minimum wage was raised): $133,600

Congressional salary, today: $165,200

Total congressional raise since last raise to minimum wage: $31,600

That's right - since the last time congress has voted to raise the minimum wage, they have voted themselves raises that total almost 3 times the entire salary of a person working for minimum wage.
As Terry said "Assholes is too small a word."

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