Well That Settles That

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Well That Settles That

Last month I wrote a post about an op-ed in the Canadian paper the National Post attacking Romeo Dallaire for his handling of the genocide in Rwanda.

In that post, I mentioned a new book written by Jacques Roger Booh-Booh called "Le Patron de Dallaire Parle" ("Dallaire's Boss Speaks"). Booh Booh served as the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Rwanda during the genocide and in his book he attacks Dallaire's portrayal of him as an ineffectual bureaucrat and called Dallaire a "mediocre politician and diplomat" as well as a megalomaniac who refused to take orders from an African.

In his own book, Dallaire accused Booh Booh of favoring the Hutu government and undermining the peace process. Today, I just came across this article that left me speechless
The Cameroonian diplomat [Booh Booh] is himself expected to appear as a defence witness for Colonel Theoneste Bagosora who is on trial at the tribunal. Bagosora is considered by the Prosecutor of the ICTR to have been the "mastermind" of the genocide.
Bagosora is widely regarded as the driving force behind the genocide that took nearly a million lives ... and Booh Booh is going to testify in his defense before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

That is literally unbelievable.

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