Summer Party Idea?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Summer Party Idea?

Via Chris Mooney, we find this excellent piece by sociologist Carole Joffe on Writing about the right-wing's resurgent attack on contraception, she manages to take a useful step back and give context to the issue. Here's the money paragraph:
The surreal situation then, at the 40th anniversary of the Griswold decision, is that a potent force in American politics wishes to deny women basic contraception. Such egregious policies give the embattled reproductive freedom movement an excellent political opportunity to expose the hypocrisy of the contemporary anti-abortion movement. As is becoming clearer and clearer, the reproductive freedom movement—while believing in legal abortion—works to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The anti-abortion movement—while opposing abortion—promotes anti-contraceptive policies that virtually assure there will be more unwanted pregnancies and therefore, more abortions.
She also points out that, according to a CDC survey, 98% of women who have ever had sex have used contraception. This is a pretty core issue, and I would argue a perfect wedge issue for liberals and moderates. And fair game too. If it wasn't Friday, I would try to talk about the Religious Right's position on this, but instead I'll just link to this and suggest that people come up with creative ways to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Griswold decision. Mark your calendars...June 7 is the day to celebrate contraception.

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