Situational Ethics, Conservative-Style

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Situational Ethics, Conservative-Style

First right-wingers claim filibusters are bad! That we need the nuclear option to get rid of them forever! That the "Gang of 14" compromise is a betrayal!

No, wait a second, now the filibuster is a good thing and it may be used soon! by a right-wing republican! on the Senate floor! with no sense of irony whatsoever!
Now that the House has approved a measure that would use taxpayer funds to pay for unproven embryonic stem cell research, attention turns to the Senate, where the vote will be much closer. Sponsors of the Senate version of the bill say they have 58 votes to approve the measure. That's more than the 50 needed to pass the bill, but possibly short of the 60 necessary to stop a filibuster by pro-life lawmakers.

Pro-life Sen. Sam Brownback, a Kansas Republican and possible presidential contender, has confirmed he will filibuster the Castle/DeGette bill the House approved Monday.
Good thing Frist didn't get rid of the filibuster for good, eh Brownback?

Typical right-winger situational ethics, moral relativism. The only absolute they stand by is that whatever they think they are right and that whatever they believe is directly supported by God/Bible/Jesus. The only moral or ethical standards they abide by are whatever works for them that partiular day-- whatever helps them seize and maintain the most power.

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