The Schiavo Step-up

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Schiavo Step-up

Ah, so this is what the high-profile publicity around the Schiavo case was *really* all about-- to help launch a few political careers.

Guess who's considering running for the senate in Florida?

Randall "Crazy as a Schitzophrenic Bedbug" Terry. Apparently he may run on the Terri Schiavo platform-- that sitting state Senator John King let her die and that he tried to save her life by helping to turn a private family battle into a political circus. I suppose the rest of his platform will be focused on his two pet issues-- outlawing abortion and condemning gay people, people like his own estranged son Jamiel.

Yes, the theocratic nutball leader of the militant anti-abortion group Operation Rescue wants to be a lawmaker in Florida. (Although in 2000 Terry ran away from the organization and split from his church, got divorced and remarried, and then tried to a launch a singing career and a political career. Both failed.) His pre-nomination website is actually pretty funny in a grossly pathetic sort of way, he promotes himself as a savior of mankind with all the skill of a used car salesman.

Just when we all though Florida couldn't be a crazier place. Although I think even Florida has enough sense not elect pondscum like Randall Terry.

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