Rwanda, Rwanda Everywhere

Friday, May 06, 2005

Rwanda, Rwanda Everywhere

From Reuters on Ethiopia
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi warned that a victory for the opposition in May 15 elections could lead to Rwanda-style bloodshed, accusing his opponents of trying to foment ethnic hatred.
From Catholic World News on Togo
Catholic leaders in Togo fear that the civil strife in that African country could explode into the sort of massive bloodshed, the Fides news service reports.

"We are on the edge of a volcano, like Rwanda in 1994," local Church sources in Togo told Fides. "Why does the international community not intervene before it is too late?"
From Human Rights Watch on Cote d'Ivoire
Monitoring broadcasts in French as well as in local languages is the most crucial part of the U.N. work, since newspapers are read by only a minority of Ivorians whereas radio reaches nearly everyone. During the height of the hate speech in November opposition supporters in Abidjan, a city surrounded by lagoons, called RTI “Radio Mille Lagunes”, a reference to the Radio Mille Collines broadcasts which stoked the genocide in Rwanda 10 years earlier. “The potential for a Rwanda situation is there,” said a senior diplomat. “Some of the things that need to happen have happened. Sustained, virulent propaganda against a particular group is a precursor to violence. The big difference between now and then is that we are aware of the danger.”

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