On Compromise

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

On Compromise

I am not particularly pleased about the compromise mainly because William Pryor is now guaranteed an up-or-down vote and will presumably be confirmed.

Fully aware that I will incur the wrath of Feddie for this view, I stand by my assertion if there is one nominee that simply does not deserve confirmation, it is Pryor. As such, I really, really hope that the Democrats can hold together in opposition to his nomination and maybe pick up enough Republican support to defeat him.

I never really liked the filibuster and tend to think that if Democrats can't win the White House or control the Senate, then they don't really have anyone but themselves to blame for their predicament. Of course, I would also appreciate it if President Bush wouldn't nominate lunatics like Pryor or Janice Rogers Brown, but he rarely does anything that I approve of.

Now that Democrats are committed to giving Pryor a vote, I don't expect that many, if any, Republicans will actually vote against him, but I sure hope the Dems will try their damnedest to defeat him.

And if they can't do that, maybe they can at least defeat John Bolton.

Throw me a bone here, will ya?

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