Nice Glass House You Live In

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nice Glass House You Live In

The art of politics today is not to compromise, but to demonize.
While I fully agree with this statement it's almost fall-on-the-floor funny because of who wrote it-- a Senior Policy Analyst at the American Family Assocation. Predictably, the above statement is followed up with a typical AFA-style diatribe against activist judges, godless Democrats, anti-Christian Al Gore, "special rights for homosexuals," Molly Ivins, and so on.

So, what do the folks at the American Family Association do for a living? Demonize and vilify their opponents and try to get other people to do the same. In their worldview there is never any room for compromise because everyone who isn't just like them is a serious threat to America-- Democrats, liberals, non-religious people, non-right-wing Christians, sexually active non-married people, etc. To them, the only "good" Americans are their fellow fundamentalist, liberal-hating heterosexual Christians and the few conservative Jews they hang out with so they can call themselves "Judeo-Christian."

Thanks, AFA, for providing us with such stark evidence that you lack the basic self-awareness that a typical 9 year-old possesses.

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