It's Good to be the King!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's Good to be the King!

Earlier today when the terror alert was raised to red and the White House, Capitol and Supreme Court were evacuated where-oh-where was our Dear Leader in the middle of the day, during the middle of a workweek?

On a bike ride on an undisclosed trail in Maryland.

Feh, working during the workday is for girlymen.

As for a not-so-trite angle on this story, the post-9/11 P.A. system that was installed to warn people about a potential threat was dead silent during today's evacuation. An evacuation where people were instructed by police to run not walk. However, in leiu of any official communication people in the WH, Capitol and Supreme Court heard about the evacuation by word-of-mouth or noticed that there was commotion outside. Some reporters noted that in the 20 minutes or so of chaos the rumors had already started to fly. Basically, no one had a clue what was going on.

9/11 changed everything, eh? Hopefully this false alarm will help remind government officials to review the protocol for what is supposed to happen during such an alert. Well, unless the protocol is to keep everyone in the dark.

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