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Monday, May 09, 2005

First Things Second

Last week, NPR did a story on the law schools created by Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell in order to create a battalion of right wing lawyers to help further their political agenda
HAGERTY: Throughout Kohm's family law class, she and the 50 or so students swing between Scripture and statutory law, biblical characters and the division of assets. The 500 students learning law at Regent, she says, have a different sort of mission.

Ms. KOHM: Yeah, and actually that's part of our strategic plan, to educate, integrate and engage. So yeah, we're not just, you know, send them out there so they can pay their law school loans and have a nice life. No. They come here because they have a greater goal than that.
While that is all well and good, I was a bit confused by this
Mr. JEFFREY BRAUCH (Dean, Regent University Law School): We are a Christian law school, and essentially what that means is first we're a law school.
Um, no. What you are first is a Christian law school. That is why you said it first. If you were simply a law school for Christians, you would have said that.

So what is it? Are Regent and Liberty Law Schools merely law schools for Christians, or are they factories dedicated to turning out students who will further the right wing agenda?
Mr. MICHAEL BUTLER (Student): At heart, Regent really stands for the proposition that Christians need not be afraid to engage in the public debate. We need not be afraid to just, you know, spout biblical verses but also join those biblical verses to policy.


Mr. JAY SEKULOW (American Center for Law and Justice): Where it's successful is, you know, you start graduating 125 students per class that are faith-based, more conservative in their approach, and you're starting to put out 600 lawyers a year, men and women, into the field that become your eyes and ears, and all of a sudden, you build up a pretty big network.
I guess that answers that.

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