Demagogue of the Day

Friday, May 13, 2005

Demagogue of the Day

I nominate right-wing radio personality and columnist Dennis Prager.

Dennis Praeger explains that liberal college students who are rude in their protesting of people or ideas they don't like remind him of Nazis, specifically Hitler Youth.
I do not believe the Left recognizes how thin the line between civilization and chaos/evil is.
Universities and museums were morally worthless in Weimar and Nazi Germany as they are now in America and Europe. So I have a primal fear of the moral chaos that follows the breaking down of America’s real moral foundations, such as Judeo-Christian values, public decency, freedom of speech, and the military.

I see in this student who screams obscenities at a conservative speaker and all the students who joined or supported him, our version of the Hitler Youth, our barbarians. To me screaming down speakers at colleges (as I saw the Left do at Columbia University when I was a graduate student during the Vietnam War) and screaming obscenities represent barbarity. To most of those on the Left, these students are at worst, a bit over the top, and at best fighters against what they most fear – conservatives – not barbarity.
Hey, Dennis, ever think to wonder why liberals get in Ann Coulter's face? Or why we're "rude" to her? She calls us treasonous traitors, for pete's sake. It's not like she's (in)famous for being sweetness and light. Perhaps people are responding to all of the hostility and insults that Ann herself has already dished out?

You, sir, are a moron. I can't believe that Arianna Huffington even published this tripe. To compare angry, young liberals to Hitler Youth is utterly barbaric in itself, as it is a frontal assault on rational, critical thinking as well as the right to free speech. I guess to you free speech is only permissible when it's polite? Also, time I checked being both "rude" does not make a person immoral, just impolite.

The major reason your argument is total bunk is that there is PLENTY of angry, barbaric stuff written and said by young conservatives. Do you know what the internet is? Ever heard of the Free Republic? FrontPage Magazine? or that sick-o Anti-Intellect Rottweiler blog? Or many of the right-wing student newspapers? Or Republican students coming up with "rude" ways to protest? I don't think you're in touch with today's young GOP yourself. Your own extreme anti-liberal bias has made you absolutely blind to the fact that there are plenty of angry, rude liberals and conservatives of all ages. Does that make them all just like Hitler Youth?

Finally, since you make the fact that you are Jew part of your case, I'd like to point out that Nazi's demonized the Jews by characterizing them as dangerous to society and sub-human. Today you are comparing your ideological opponents to Nazis and "Hitler Youth," which in our modern times is the equivalent of saying someone is dangerous to society and less than human. Ironic, eh? Also, what do Hitler Youth truly symbolize? Rigid conformity. Strict discipline. Total deference to governmental authority. Hitler Youth were instruments of a fascist government, they were an army of children dedicated to a nationalist cause who were supposed to represent the assured future of a nationalist state. They have nothing at all to do with a person, or persons, loudly challenging (or insulting) a controversial speaker in a public forum or protesting the government's actions or decisions in a war. The liberals you disparage are likely to be anti-conformity, anti-government and anti-nationalist, the very opposite of Hitler Youth. Clearly your whole case just doesn't hold together, Praeger. Which reveals why you compare liberals with Hitler Youth in the first place-- it's just the ugliest, most offensive thing you can call them.

However, please don't think for an instant I'm calling you a Nazi, because I am not. I'm just pointing out the obvious absurdities of your argument. But you certainly do win the prize for Demagogue of the Day.

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