Are Things Better in Rwanda?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Are Things Better in Rwanda?

Um, no
A big rumour has been roaming the southern provinceof Butare for at least a month now. Word has spread that the Tutsi-led government in Kigali has built a giant killing machine at a prison in Butare capable of “grinding” 1,000 ethnic Hutus a day.

During that period, at least 5000 Hutus have fled the country to neighbouring Burundi. While some of those are reported to be returning, more appear to be leaving Rwanda.


Some of the other stories include one that claims the government is planning to take revenge for Tutsis killed during the 1994 genocide by killing all Hutus, beginning with those suspected of genocide.

In addition to these is a story that the government is collecting scrap metal countywide to make machetes and hoes for killing Hutus. In some cases, some stories have gone further to say that entire villages of Hutus have already been wiped out in the last few weeks.

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