Six Degrees of...What?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Six Degrees of...What?

Zoe recently awakened me to SiteMeter, where it is possible (much of the time, anyway) to find what web pages have referred people to Demagogue--including search engines, complete with the search terms that did it.

My own proudest moment was when FleshBot linked to one of my Boobgate posts--I believe Eugene reported that we had quite a spike in readership that week. I've continued to do my part to bring in the porn conoisseurs who, we are told by various comedians and politicians (two professions that are decreasingly distinguishable), are responsible for the overwhelming majority of Internet traffic. You can imagine my glee when it turned out that one of my humble posts was near the top of Google's list when users searched for the terms "muslim porn," though it seems to have fallen far down the list now. Maybe it's too old.

The latest to link to an APC post is Modern Tribalist. A quick scan of the site, plus visits to some of his "favorite read"-type links, suggest that we are dealing here with something between a strident supporter of strict limits on immigration and an out-and-out racist. The more I read, the more I think the truth is closer to the latter extreme.

So--connoisseurs of smut, seekers of Muslim porn, and white supremacists: which of my strange bedfellows should I take the most pride in?

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