Shocking News from Zimbabwe

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shocking News from Zimbabwe

ZANU-PF "won" Zimbabwe's election.

Just as predictably, Western observers condemned the election as unfair, while neighboring countries--notably South Africa--endorsed the result.

Opposition supporters might want to have a word with the South Africans, but they probably want to spek to their leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, first.

The inaction was particularly frustrating for a group of 257 women, many of them elderly, others with young babies on their backs, who were arrested Thursday night at a prayer vigil for change in central Harare.

Many, who belong to Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA, which means "come forward" in Shona), were badly beaten by police before being hauled off to jail. As they came out of the station, many bound for hospital, at noon yesterday, they were skeptical of Mr. Tsvangirai's oblique demand that they defend their vote.

"If Morgan really means it, can he please do something, set a good example and we'll follow it," said national co-ordinator Jenni Williams. "I'm sorry to criticize him now, but I just spent my birthday morning in custody doing what I think he should be doing. We in WOZA campaigned for women to go and vote, and then to defend their vote, and to do that you have to do something."

Mr. Tsvangirai said the opposition had a plan, although he refused to say what it was.

To be fair to Tsvangirai, he was convicted of treason after the last election and sentenced to death. Even though the sentence wasn't carried out, you can see why he'd be a bit hesitant to call for an uprising against the government.

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