Tuesday, April 12, 2005


For some reason that may not be entirely logical, when I contemplate the state of the American press, I'm comforted by considering my favorite Dutch newspaper: the broadsheet-in-form, tabloid-in-spirit De Telegraaf.

Today, there are two stories (at least) about KLM, the national airline. One is about the international brouhaha that's erupted after the U.S. forced a KLM flight bound for Mexico to turn back at the Canadian border and head back to Amsterdam. More details are coming out about the two countries' "do not fly" list of suspected terrorists, and questions have been asked about how the U.S. got the passenger manifest for the flight in the first place.

The other article reports that after being taken over by Air France, KLM will resume offering passengers free wine and beer, a service whose disappearance a couple of years ago sparked an outcry.

Guess which story is on the front page.

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