Norbizness Does It For You

Friday, April 29, 2005

Norbizness Does It For You

I didn't watch Bush's press conference last night because I had more important things to do.

Fortunately, Norbizness did and he give us the run down (or at least I assume he watched it. Since I didn't see it, I can't say for sure that Norbizness isn't just making sh*t up. But knowing him as I do - which is that say "not at all" - I can't imagine that he'd never do something so irresponsible)
QUESTION: Mr. President, under the law, how would you justify the practice of renditioning, where U.S. agents who bust terror suspects abroad, taking them to a third country for interrogation? And would you stand for it if foreign agents did that to an American here?

BUSH: That's a hypothetical. I know what a hypothetical is! Well, we get assurances from other countries that they won't torture people, which is good enough for us, and even if it isn't, they're terrorists anyway, so who cares, not that we would ever do that to terrorists, even though they richly deserve getting tortured by the countries we know are lying to us. Clear enough? Oh yeah: "September 11th."
That sounds like Bush to me.

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