The Gay Boogeyman Strikes Again!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Gay Boogeyman Strikes Again!

Surprise, surprise. Kansas-- the state that isn't even comfortable teaching
evolution in its schools-- has officially banned gay marriage in their state constitution. Because it was such an overwhelming problem there, they had to do *something* about it! (Apparently they noticed all those queers that were just lined up at their borders, clamoring to get in!) How dare those gay people want things like health care, survivor benefits-- damn them and their radical homosexual agenda! (Oh, wait, they just want the same rights that other people take for granted? That's not what we've been told!)

Hmmm. Has anyone else noticed how all the 'phobes are really into banning gay marriage where there are the fewest gay people? Why is that? Why are they so proud to put a big "QUEERS, KEEP OUT!" sign in their state constitutions? Perhaps they should post such signs at their borders, at least it would be more direct and honest.

All cheekiness aside, the Kansas ban on same-sex marriage is very similar to Ohio's, both have vague language banning "incidents" of marriage which could force gay-friendly companies to revoke domestic partnership-style benefits. Which also means that it's headed directly to the courts-- which we all know are filled with crazy, activist judges for sure!

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