Do Progressives Care About Darfur?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Do Progressives Care About Darfur?

I was looking over the agenda for the upcoming Take Back America Conference and noticed that, over the conference's three days, there is not one panel or speech regarding the genocide in Darfur.

As the website says
The Take Back America Conference brings thousands of progressive activists, thinkers and leaders together to discuss our vision, unite our groups and train our campaign organizers. By building relationships and creating strategy, the Take Back America Conference is a catalyst for building the infrastructure we need to ensure that the voice of the progressive majority is heard.
There are panels on Social Security, energy issues, the federal judiciary, health care, and message development. Hell, even Wal-Mart gets its own panel.

Perhaps the organizers of this conference decided to focus on domestic political issues and not include foreign policy or international affairs issues. I don't know.

But I strongly suspect that the idea of having a panel on Darfur never even occurred to the organizers and that the lack of any mention of the on-going genocide during the three day conference will probably go completely unnoticed by those in attendance.

And I find that extremely depressing.

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