Conversations With a Very Select Community

Monday, April 04, 2005

Conversations With a Very Select Community

From the RNC
Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman visited Howard University tonight, taking his on-going “Conversations With The Community” series to college students.


Chairman Mehlman’s “Conversations With The Community” series has been extremely successful in promoting an open dialogue between the Republican Party and African-American community. Today’s event is the Chairman’s first of the series with students.
From the American Prospect
But of the 50 people seated in the small forum hall, fewer than five, in addition to the half dozen College Republican organizers of the forum, were Howard University students, said third-year broadcast-journalism major Ray Baker, 20, a Democrat who attended the forum with a friend. “It was overwhelmingly Republican adults,” said Baker. A scan of the room confirmed the vast majority of audience members to be well beyond college age, and 14 of these seated adults were, like Werronen, white.
And it is not that Howard students weren't interested in attending Mehlman's speech - some tried to but they were denied entry. Go read the Carpetbagger for more.

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