Connecticut Says A-OK to Civilizing Homos

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Connecticut Says A-OK to Civilizing Homos

Connecticut joins the cloister of officially gay-friendly states with their spankin' new civil unions! Nicely done! The senate vote was 26-8, the governor signed it last night. However, there is a catch, there is an amendment to the bill defining marriage as man-woman only, something that boosted its support and gives cover to anyone who doesn't want to be perceived as a same-sex marriage supporter. Regardless, on the whole, it's something worth celebrating.

Of course there are always the usual partypoopers.
Roman Catholics and pro-marriage activists plan a big rally Sunday in opposition to the bill.

Marie Hilliard, executive director of the Connecticut Catholic Conference, said the civil union proposal "got more legs than we ever hoped it would get." About 44 percent of the state's 3 million residents are Roman Catholic.

Brian Brown, head of the Family Institute of Connecticut, said his group intends to keep the issue squarely before the public.

"Our mission will be to let every person know in the state of Connecticut which lawmakers voted to redefine marriage, and which lawmakers voted to protect marriage," he said.
I do so love this. Civil Unions are not marriage, they are not called marriage, the civil unions bill had anti-gay marriage language in it, yet they are a threat to marriage? Pretty potent stuff, those civil unions! But I give them credit for not blaming it on judges-- this was pure legislative action, baby. It's the first time an action of this kind has been taken without involving any "judicial activists." I wonder if they're going to call them "legislative activists" now?

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