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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

You Say Tomato ...

The Hill reports that several conservative groups are rallying to defend The World's Biggest Asshole.
Conservative leaders who spoke to The Hill said these groups’ criticisms of DeLay was an attack on conservatism itself.

“I think that conservative groups ought to be concerned,” said Donald Hodel, who recently retired as head of Focus on the Family, “If conservative politicians are singled out for attacks by groups that have allegiance to a different worldview, if [conservatives] leave attacks to the liberal groups, they’re not going to have conservative politicians working for them.”

Blackwell, of the Leadership Institute, hinted that conservative groups will turn the attack back on Democrats and outside groups that are criticizing DeLay’s conduct, issuing a stern warning to Republican lawmakers who hang back from the battle.

“Any politician that hopes to have conservative support in the future better be in the forefront as we attack those who attack Tom DeLay,” he said.
I tend to see DeLay as a corrupt, meglomanical, power-hungry asshole, but apparently conservatives see him as the embodiment of their ideology.

We're both right.

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