What Scott McClellan Will Say

Thursday, March 03, 2005

What Scott McClellan Will Say

Heard at today's White House press briefing with Press Secretary Scott McClellan:
REPORTER: "... you have Senator Grassley now saying let's set aside the President's main priority, personal savings accounts (for Social Security and) instead focus on the solvency. And you have Senator Hagel, who is going to be out there proposing his own plan. What's going on?"

McCLELLAN: "And just think, a few weeks ago, many people were denying that there was even a problem. Now everybody is talking about solutions. That's a positive sign. And this ball game is just getting underway. We haven't even had our chance to go to bat and step up to the plate."
They "haven't even had [a] chance to go to bat" on the issue of Social Security reform? That's a ridiculous notion.

Unless I've missed something, the Bush administration has had a number of chances to sell its Social Security reform plan:

a) the State of the Union address
b) a number of White House press events, and
c) various trips by Bush to the "heartland" to outline his reform plan.

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