The Trials and Travails of a Lying Douchebag

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Trials and Travails of a Lying Douchebag

The Carpetbagger has a good update on Memogate, the incident for which Manuel Miranda was fired from his position in Sen. Frist's office after he accessed and read nearly 5000 internal Democratic memos regarding judicial nominees.

On a related note, the Hill reports that Miranda has now demanding an investigation into his allegations that Democrats working on the Judiciary Committee prevented him from getting a job by threatening a lobbying firm that they would hold up legislation important to the firm if they hired Miranda
The former Senate staffer said that on Jan. 4 he was given a verbal job offer to work as a lobbyist for McDermott, Will & Emery by the firm’s top lobbyist, Stanton Anderson. However, when Miranda showed up Jan. 18 for his first day of work, neither Anderson nor his secretary was at the office, leaving the office administrator to inform Miranda that he had been not been given a job offer.

The affidavit states that Anderson left Miranda a “recorded voice mail” two days later informing him that senior aides to Democrats on the Judiciary Committee “launched a campaign against” Miranda’s pending hire by the firm. The message stated that Democratic aides had called several partners “to demand that [Miranda] not be hired,” according to the affidavit.

Miranda told The Hill he had been instructed by his lawyers not to say whether he had possession of the voice-mail recording. He could, however, be found guilty of perjury if it could be shown in court that he presented false information in the affidavit.
The prospective employer says he did receive calls from both sides, but that they had nothing to do with Miranda's failure to get hired
Anderson told The Hill that McDermott “did have discussions with Manny about hiring him” and confirmed that Senate Democrats, whose identities he declined to reveal, had contacted him about employing Miranda. He added that Senate Republicans, whom he also declined to name, had contacted him as well.

“We got calls from both sides of the aisle asking about the status of our hiring process,” Anderson said. “The firm’s decision, as I told Manny, was not based on any telephone calls the firm may have gotten from either side of the aisle. I made that very clear to him.”
At least not everything is going wrong for Miranda; according to the same article, yesterday he started a job as a visiting fellow on legal policy at the Heritage Foundation.

Thus, Heritage will heretofore be known as "Home of the Lying Douchebags" (it's plural as I am pretty sure that Heritage has more than just this one lying douchebag on staff.)

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