Ted Nugent's Political Ambitions

Monday, March 07, 2005

Ted Nugent's Political Ambitions

Did anybody get to go to Ted Nugent's weekend of shooting fully automatic BB guns at each other? Hopefully you didn't sign up when we first brought this up. The price then was $199.99 and now it has dropped to $109.99 with an additional $50 off for a Spring Special.

If you're hoping for other ways to get your Nugent fix, you're in luck. Mr. Nugent told a crowd in Raleigh, NC this weekend that he is thinking about running for governor of Michigan (despite the fact that he currently lives in Crawford, Texas). A few hightlights from his appearance at a gun show to 20,000+ people:
Persuade your kid's school principal to let you bring in an M16 to show-and-tell to teach children about environmental stewardship: "They will handle them. Will they handle them under your supervision or otherwise?"

"Whenever you hear the words 'animal rights,' you just need to go out and kill a bunch of stuff."

After the 40-minute talk, John Dale Wiles, 7, of Elkin presented Nugent with a knife that his father carved out of a deer horn. Nugent promised to "get it bloody" and reminded the young hunter to do his chores.

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