A Special Message From Jesus-PAC

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Special Message From Jesus-PAC

"Lord Jesus, now more than ever, I'm convinced that your fight to encourage brotherly love and chase the moneychangers from the temple must continue. Enclosed is my check to Jesus-PAC in the amount of --"

$50 __ $75 __ $100 __ (Other amount: $___)

Forgive me, but after reading Tarek's post at LiquidList, such a form popped into my head. As Democrats debate whether -- and, if so, how -- the party should embrace the language of "values" as it speaks to Americans, Tarek worries where such a strategy might lead. He writes:
I'm worried about the Democrats becoming the party of Jesus and Death Penalties. It's not that I hate Jesus, but sometimes I wonder if he shouldn't leave the political parties alone and maybe get himself a PAC or something.
Good point.

Of course, if Jesus did show up on earth tomorrow, formed a PAC and started preaching, I suspect the Bush administration would pick him up and pack him off to Guantanamo rather quickly. Bearded men who grew up in the Middle East and challenge the political establishment would surely be labeled a "security risk" by the gang that brought you the Patriot Act.

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