Screwed Twice

Friday, March 25, 2005

Screwed Twice

I'd like to introduce the brothers Bush to my friends, rock and hard place.
Gov. Bush Cancels Appearance at Good Friday Service for Fear of Facing Schiavo Supporters

TALLAHASSEE, Fl., March 25 /Christian Wire Service/ -- Governor Jeb Bush was scheduled to attend and participate in an outdoor Good Friday service at 12:30 pm, at Florida State University. According to event organizers, the Governor canceled at the last minute.

As part of this event Jeb Bush would have publicly read from a printed program that includes the following text entitled the Fifth Station of the Cross; "Lord Jesus, sometimes I don't want to do what is right or to help someone in need, but you want me to respond positively to the needs of others in my life. Help me to say 'yes' and be willing to give heroic assistance to all who are in need."

"It is clear that Governor Bush canceled his scheduled participation in this Stations of the Cross service out of fear and guilt of seeing supporters of Terri Schiavo pleading for her life. Our prayer for Governor Bush is the same prayer he would have prayed publicly on this Good Friday, had he kept his scheduled appointment.
See what happens when you try to appease tyrannical, fundamentalist zealots-- they are never satisfied, they always want more! more! more!

This very well may backfire on both Bushes, in more ways than one. Not only is it hurting their popularity with the majority of Americans who think their actions in this case are WRONG but they may also succeed at pissing off the wingers for not going far enough, for giving up because a few "radical judges" are telling them what to do. And the timing of this is amazing-- it's Easter weekend! So, what to do now? They are screwed with the wingers if they do nothing, screwed with the general public if they do something radical like storm the hospice.

They just can't win for losing!

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