Peacekeeping is Dangerous Business

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Peacekeeping is Dangerous Business

This is something to keep in mind, especially for those of us favor some form of international military intervention in Darfur:

Last week, 9 Bangladeshi MONUC peacekeepers who were securing the perimeter of a camp for the internally displaced were reportedly stripped of their weapons, ammunition, uniforms, and equipment and executed at point blank range after an ambush by militants in eastern Congo.

Just a few days later, Pakistani peacekeepers were on a mission to dismantle a militant headquarters in Ituri province when they came under fire and responded by killing some 60 militants.

Any peacekeeping mission with a proper mandate is going to put both the peacekeepers and the general population at risk. Outside intervention in Darfur is not going to magically stop the violence.

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