Number One Americans

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Number One Americans

Staunch Moderate has a post on media coverage noting that a recent survey found that Fox News likes to fill its news stories with its reporters' opinions and that the other news organizations like to print negative stories about President Bush.

He then highlighted this quote, which I think is hilarious
In an interview, Fox's executive daytime producer, Jerry Burke, says: "I encourage the anchors to be themselves. I'm certainly not going to step in and censor an anchor on any issue . . . You don't want to look at a cookie-cutter, force-feeding of the same items hour after hour. I think that's part of the success of the channel, not treating our anchors like drones. They're number one, Americans, and number two, human beings, as well as journalists."
Frankly, I was surprised that "journalists" were even welcome at Fox News. I guess that Fox News will indeed hire the occasional journalist, so long as their "journalism" and "humanity" are entirely subjugated to their Yay-America! patriotism.

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