News for Lazy People

Monday, March 14, 2005

News for Lazy People

The Carpetbagger explains this lengthy New York Times article on the Bush administration's government-funded propaganda campaign.

No, this isn't about Bush's Social Security "conversations" - it is about creating fake news with US tax dollars. As the Carpetbagger says
It's truly breathtaking. The Bush gang creates fake news segments that make the administration look great, package them neatly for news outlets (including handy pre-written scripts for anchors), and viewers are none the wiser. In all, the administration spent $254 million in its first term on these public relations contracts.
I guess that, in some ways, the above story is related to this
Federal agencies are drawing protests from news organizations by removing previously public documents from their Web sites and creating new national security secrets at an accelerating pace.

Since the Bush administration took office in 2001, the National Archives says the number of "classification decisions" - government jargon for putting secrecy stamps on documents - has increased about 75 percent, from 9 million occasions in 2001 to 16 million last year.
Stop complaining, news organizations! The Bush administration is doing you a favor. No longer do you have to sift through thousands of documents in order to come up with some "news." Now you just get to sit back and relax and let the federal government do it for you.

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