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Friday, March 11, 2005

Mostly Propaganda

I would really appreciate it is members of the press would stop dancing around the issue and just start calling Bush's Social Security campaign what it is: carefully staged government-funded propaganda.

From the AP
Bush promoted his plan to carve individual accounts out of Social Security while speaking to a mostly friendly crowd at The Kentucky Center.
From the AP again
Thursday’s conversation before a mostly hand-picked audience
The only reason these audiences are called "mostly hand-picked" or "mostly friendly" is because occasionally protesters manage to sneak in, making them no longer "entirely hand-picked." I think this article from the Courier-Journal pretty well sums up the nature of these events
The audience included mostly Bush supporters, but hecklers interrupted the event at three points.

Each time, the audience rose to its feet and drowned out the shouted protests with applause and cheers.

All three protesters were escorted out of the auditorium by security officials.

After the third incident, Bush acknowledged, "There's different points of view on the issue."
It is nice of Bush to recognize that there are indeed different views on the need to reform Social Security. Now if only he could arrange it so that that those who hold different views don't get ignored, shouted down or thrown out of the building, we might really be able to get somewhere.

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