A Lying Douchebag Continues His Lying Douchebaggery

Monday, March 14, 2005

A Lying Douchebag Continues His Lying Douchebaggery

Manuel Miranda has a lengthy article (PDF format) in Texas Review of Law and Politics entitled "The Memogate Papers: The Politics, Ethics, and Law of a Republican Surrender."

It has gotten to a point where Miranda is so pathetic that one cannot help but laugh
Contrary to case law and Senate rules, Democrats employed the vast power of the United States Senate to pound on individuals, and by name. The Pickle Report was nothing if not a Bill of Attainder. The Pickle Inquiry was exactly what courts have held to be an unconstitutional abuse of power. And Republicans and the press cooperated in the abuse and misuse of public resources.
According to FindLaw
Bills of attainder . . . are such special acts of the legislature, as inflict capital punishments upon persons supposed to be guilty of high offences, such as treason and felony, without any conviction in the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.
Judging by the fact that he wrote this new article, I am guessing that Miranda wasn't actually sentenced to death by Congress for his role in Memogate.

Anyway, Miranda just can't seem to get over his persecution complex
I had resigned to spare Leader Frist any distraction. My chief of staff, Lee Rawls, had put to me the question, “why should Frist have to spend time defending you?” As it turned out he would spend weeks having to defend himself before conservative gatherings, and I would spend months defending him. Oddly, I take some pride in still being introduced as the fellow “who fell on his sword” or “took a bullet” for the Majority Leader.

In retrospect, however, we made a mistake. I sensed it at the time. In the end, I think Frist was greatly harmed politically, second-- far second only to me.
And by his persecution, Miranda has become a martyr to the grand Republican cause. But it is good to know that he is not above pathetically praising himself while not-so-subtly begging for his job back
History grants men who would be great time for redemption. So have I. I still consider myself loyal to Frist because he is a good man motivated by a genuine desire to serve (and not just to serve his ambitions or reputation). If Frist ends the current Democratic filibusters of Bush judicial nominees, as he has said he would, I will be proud to have helped the cause—on his staff and off of it—to defend the Constitution and to put a large dent in Washington’s lucrative politics of personal destruction. If Frist asked me on board again, and that too would be the sign of a great man, I would not turn him down.
Regardless of whether Miranda's actions were technically legal, he ought to be permanently barred from employment in DC simply for being a megalomaniacal douchebag.

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