Keep These Men Away From My House

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Keep These Men Away From My House

Sen. Charles Grassley appeared with President Bush at one of his Social Security propaganda rallies in Iowa yesterday.

Speaking on the need for reform, Grassley had this to say
"The president and I are like a builder and an architect, and we agree on a blueprint," Grassley said. "The blueprint is we need to do something to guarantee Social Security for our children and grandchildren. Doing nothing is not an option."
Um, I hate to break it to you Chuck, but merely recognizing the need to do something does not qualify as a "blueprint."

A blueprint is a detailed plan, not just a bunch of vague, contradictory, and disingenuous nonsense.

If I hired a builder and an architect and asked to see their blueprints and they responded by showing me a piece of paper that read "We're gonna build you a house," I'd probably fire them.

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