It <i>Should</i> Be Over Now...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

It Should Be Over Now...

The Supremes say 'no way, leave us out of this' to the Schindlers, as expected. It appears that the Schindler's legal options are pretty much exhausted.

So, what next? One thing I've really been wondering-- how will this all end? What other measures are Dubya/Jeb/DeLay/Frist/Hastert prepared to take, will they really just shrug and say "sorry, that's all we can do"? After all this? Not only is it anti-climactic, which is fine by me, but it won't be very satisfactory conclusion for the audience that they've all been performing for all this time.

Considering that Jeb has been attempting to legally take custody of her and has been rejected repeatedly, even the local police have been warned by a judge to keep an eye on the hospice in case Jeb tries to do it anyway. Now he has a few quacky "pro-life" doctors making extraordinary claims, like she's been totally misdiagnosed for 14 years, which is based on their personal/religious biases, not actual medicine. Is Jeb just going to stop everything now?

Also, what else, if anything, can congress do?

If they were to follow Pat Buchanan's advice-- who was in rare, stark-raving-mad Pat form last night on Hardball-- President Bush should send federal marshals into the hospice and reinsert her feeding tube and take her into federal custody.

I'm not sure how this will end. I do hope that it just goes away, that Terri Schiavo's family will find some peace and America notices what a bunch of conniving douchebags are running this country. But for some reason I doubt that.

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