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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Find a New Career

A Wisconsin judge has recommended that the state "reprimand and limit" the license of this pharmacist. Personally, I think he should lose his license outright.
Neil Noesen in July 2002 refused to fill university student Amanda Phiede's oral contraceptive prescription while he was working as a substitute pharmacist at a Kmart pharmacy in Menomonie, Wis. When Phiede confirmed that she was using the drug for birth control, Noesen told her that he would not fill the prescription. Phiede then asked him where else she could get the prescription filled, but Noesen refused to provide her with that information. Phiede later went to a Wal-Mart pharmacy, but when the Wal-Mart pharmacist called Noesen to have him transfer the prescription, Noesen refused, saying again that artificial contraception is against his personal beliefs. Noesen continued to refuse to fill the prescription even after two police officers and the Kmart assistant manager spoke with him. The police took no further action, and the managing pharmacist filled Phiede's prescription when he returned to work on Monday.
If your religous beliefs conflict with your job description and your ability to carry out the basic tasks of your job, and you refuse to make reasonable accomodations for co-workers to perform it for you, it's time to find another career.

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