Defending the WBA

Monday, March 07, 2005

Defending the WBA

Last night, "60 Minutes" did a good piece on some of the problems facing the World's Biggest Asshole, namely his involvement with Texans for a Republican Majority and their apparent violation of Texas election law.

Under Texas law, corporations money cannot be used in election campaigns though it can be used to pay for administrative overhead.

TRMPAC apparently took a rather expansive view of what constituted "administrative" and boasted of using corporate funds for things like "candidate evaluation recruitment" and "message development and communication."

The WBA wouldn't talk to "60 Minutes" but he did send out fellow Texas Republican Rep. John Carter to try explain it all away.

He didn't do so well
"No court has actually defined clearly what administrative purposes is," says Carter.

60 Minutes showed him TRMPAC's brochure with the statement of how the corporate funds would be spent.

"Active candidate evaluation and recruitment. Message development. Market research and issue development," says Stahl. "I mean, how is that administrative?"

"Active candidate evaluation and recruitment, that's a party of administrative procedure," says Carter. "That's a party function."

"I thought administration was the running of the office. The Xerox machine. Paying bills," says Stahl.

"This is what the court has to rule on," says Carter. "If they find all these things are administrative, there'll be no convictions in this case."
Hey, I thought Republicans hated it when judges started deciding what the law is. Isn't that "judicial activism"?

But I just wanted to highlight Carter's statement, because it cracks me up: "If they find all these things are administrative, there'll be no convictions in this case."

Uh ... no shit! And if they don't find these things to be administrative, there will be convictions.

Thanks for clearing that up, hack.

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