The Brits Are So Cute

Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Brits Are So Cute

For some reason, Tony Blair's Government continues to believe, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that the U.S. will treat the U.K. favorably as a reward for Blair's obedience to Dubya.

The Security Council members are feverishly trying to negotiate a compromise that will stop the U.S. from vetoing a resolution referring Darfur crimes to the International Criminal Court (maybe we'll deign not to veto if the rest of the Council agrees to grant American nationals an even broader exemption from I.C.C. jurisdiction than we now enjoy). The U.S. would prefer that the I.C.C. disappear and doesn't want to do anything that would legitimize it, such as permitting it to hear cases arising from what we've already agreed is a genocide.

Here's what Britain's UN ambassador had to say:
The British position is very clear. We want that referral to the ICC.
Maybe if they said pretty please and offer Dubya a knighthood, he'd give a **** about what the Brits want.

But probably not.

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