Not In Our Hemisphere

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Not In Our Hemisphere

Apparently lots of American right-wingers don't think it's enough to stick their noses into the lives of their fellow Americans, but are now feeling obligated to harass our neighbors to the north. Canadian MPs offices are being deluged with email and phone calls from Americans to let them know that they really don't like the idea of legallly married gay people living right next door.

Focus on the Family's Canadian operation is pushing hard against it and are even looking for a new Executive Director, a job that pays $100,000 (Canadian).

One especially enlightened American articulates some rather novel no-gay-marriage-in-Canada arguments:
"The United States is the great nation it is because of its moral code. Canada isn't even considered a Christian nation anymore and they seem OK with that. It's more of a melting pot. That doesn't make any sense to me."
"You'd be surprised how many people consider [same-sex marriage] kinky and think it's the beginning of a rotting in this society," said [Ellen] Wyman.

"The economy is going to fall apart. Once the morals start to go, then health care is going to go."
Take a breather there, Chicken Little. Also, last time I checked, America was supposed to be a melting pot too.

Sorry, Canada.

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