What Bush Policies Have Inspired

Monday, February 26, 2007

What Bush Policies Have Inspired

Holy Gary Bauer, Batman! A new gay porn movie has drawn its storyline from a Bush White House creation? Please say it ain't so.

'Fraid it's true. According to the porn-lovers portal of Fleshbot.com:
Usually we wouldn't have reason to associate the war on terror (or anything else coming from the White House) with a XXX throwdown — but when it comes to rough sex and prison fantasies, the boys at Dark Alley Media have created something that deserves its own set of headlines.

"Gaytanamo" is Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenberg's uber-horny look at life in a certain detention camp where rehabilitation isn't exactly the goal as "a German tourist is mistaken for a terrorist and abducted to the sexiest secret military prison ever."
I don't know which is more amusing — the fact that the White House helped to inspire a gay porn video or the fact that there is a gay film producer named von Fistenberg.

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